14 feb. 2009


Dear Daniel,
I liked you a lot.
You were the very first person that I fell in love with,
I started to do things that I never realized that I could do
like sighing every minute or expecting just a smile from you.
Everything just fell apart when you put your hand between my legs
I was so disappointed. I never thought you were like the others.

Dear Matus,
I want to thank you for you patience and dedication to me.
You know, nobody had ever liked me
Saw me like you did.
I felt very pleased when you asked me if I wanted us be more than friends
But I couldn't do that. I'm sorry but I know it was the right thing.

Dear Irving,
You rocked my world.
You saved me from my hysteria, my madness and my inability to
confront my mistakes. You gave the strength that I needed
Avec toi, J'ai vu la vie en rose.
You used to be my first thought when I woke up
and my last one when I fell asleep.
You were totally right when you said "I know you are falling in love with me"
I denied it because I didn't want to be so transparent.
Every now and then I think how wonderful it would be to be together.

Dear LF,
I liked you so much.
Do you remember when we went to the park?
We spent all the afternoon planning our future together:
things that we never did.
I've heard you are back in school again,
I wish you success and happiness. You deserve it.

Dear Ana,
Girl, we are still knowing each other.
In all this time I realize
you are not another stupid girl from my University.
You definitely are something else.
I want you to know that my attachment wasn't empty at all
I did have feelings for you. It was just different.

Dear Memo,
I like you muchly.
I promise you I will be there whenever you need me
Though you don't believe me.
I'm sorry for getting angry the last time you were in my house,
but the unwritten rule said:
"You must never be interested in an ex or friend of your exes".
Aldo said once that we belong together and it was just a matter of time.
For a long period of time I believed it.
But good things came in the end, don't you think?
I'm glad we can talk about anything and call thing by their name.

Dear Pear,
You are my shooting star.
I've never faced so many emotional days:
You gave me that kiss in the rain
You encourage me to take risks
like driving the car in avenues and streets that I was afraid of being at.
Or when you take care of me texting me to make you sure I'm ok.
I love the way you stare at me when you
enjoy a mango ice cream.
If we ever fight for a stupid thing and
I act like a child, I recommend ignoring me.
I can be a very annoying bonehead.
One more thing:
I miss you.

4 comentarios:

SilveR dijo...

¡Qué buen historial eh!
Oye sí fue muy chido verte en Marra el sabadaba, ojalá se repita. Qué mal que te desapareciste y no nos pudimos despedir.
Ojalá nos veamos pronto.
Alguna vez, si te nace, dedícame una entrada de tu blog :P

Karla Calderón dijo...

Oh my god!!!! Eres una ternurita fenomenal. Mira que recordar a todos esos protagonistas de tus historias. Hasta la chica Matus salió por allí. ¿Te acuerdas de aquellos viejos días de preparatoria? Te quiere y extraña Karla.

Anónimo dijo...

ya quita esa etiqueta de "ganándime la medalla de la cursilería" esa medalla ya es tuya desde hace muchos posts jiji!

Me da gusto verte feliz :)

Unknown dijo...

Jajaja, sí, debería ser "conservando la medalla de la cursilería".

Lindo post, aunque todavía tiene errores, jaja.